Smell is the most sensitive of the senses. It is the sense most linked to emotional recollection and one study showed that people could recall scents within 65% accuracy after a year whilst visual recall is about 50% within 3 months.

With this in mind I think the choice of scent to go with my vintage attire is very important. My first thoughts about vintage scent were the bottles of Yardley perfume my Gran always had in her handbag. My Gran sadly suffered a stroke when I was just 4 and she remained house ( well, chair) bound for over 14 years following that. Next to her chair she always kept her handbag – as though she may be called upon to leave the house at any moment. It contained – amongst other things- lipstick, perfume and, I seem to recall, a love letter my Grandad sent her when he was serving in Burma during the Second World War. There was a perfume called Tweed, a blue bottle containing a perfume called Blue Lace and possibly others. The smells were not pleasing to my little nose, a bit cloying perhaps, but I still loved the feel of the cool glass bottle, the shiny material which formed the drawstring purse it came in and I longed to arch my neck and spray clouds of quickly dissipating loveliness on my skin. It seemed so grown up.

I toyed with a rose scented perfume a few years back. The Body Shop’s Moroccan Rose to be exact.


Most of my friends dismissed it as ‘Granified’ but I liked it’s old worldly charm. Paul Smith has a nice rose scented perfume – a little more musky, but delicious.


But it was on a recent shopping trip I decided to try a new shop. I have passed the odd Jo Malone store on my travels but never really delved in. I visited the store in John Lewis in West Quay, Southampton and had a very nice experience. I explained I was looking for something floral and vintage-y and the assistant was very helpful. She showed me several different scents and sprayed them onto cards for me, then let me wander and sniff until I’d made a decision.

In the end I plumped for the English Pear and Freesia, finding it floral with a hint of sweetness.

I’ve mentioned my penchant for nice packaging before and this was definitely a box I could tick!


The cream and black packaging is very classy and two samples of other scents were popped into my ribboned bag, which was stuffed with scented tissue paper.

An even nicer end to this story is the lovely card I received in the post a few days later.


I’m very happy with the perfume. Dr P says he likes it. My Mum was less impressed. She said it was too strong, but I must admit I sprayed a lot on when I dressed for the wedding (see previous post). It’s a good quality perfume and doesn’t need as liberal an application as I gave. At £45 for 30ml it’s more than I’d usually spend but I think it will go a long way because of its intensity.

On reflection I like the scent, received great service and would definitely recommend a visit – if only for a little spray and sniff!

It is with an arched neck I say:

It’s only Vintage but I like it…

*Disclaimer – this was my own vintage adventure, I paid for all products reviewed!*

2 comments on “It’s only perfume but I like it…”

  1. I LOVE rose scented soaps (they remind me of Turkish Delight, and you know how I feel about chocolate) but I’d never thought of finding a rosey perfume so maybe I’ll give it a shot. I love the Zara one you gave me, but because I wore it on my wedding day every time I smell it I feel like it’s a special occasion so it can’t be an everyday perfume now! xx

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