I half suspected this day might come, but I’m still pretty sad about it.

Inevitably, the impact of working part time and being a Mum means I’m struggling to have time to keep my blog running in a way I’m happy with.

Finding clothes that don’t have some of babies’ bolognaise sauce or toothpaste on them is a challenge, let alone planning vintage outfits. I don’t really get to wear much jewellery anymore as it gets tugged and broken and two pairs of vintage style specs have been snapped by little hands. Don’t get me wrong I love being a Mum and baby is no more boisterous than he’s meant to be at 14 months, I just don’t get the opportunities to explore some avenues of vintage that I used to.

One of the good things about being part time is that we get to go round the charity shops regularly. I still find lots of great vintage things for my home and have a few upcycling projects on the go too. As car boot season begins again I’m hoping to get out and bag some bargains there too.

I will miss blogging but it’s not been the medium to meet other vintage obsessives that I’d hoped it might be. I feel like I’ve found my ‘tribe’ much more on Instagram funnily enough – please feel free to keep up with me there (@vintagemunchkin).

So farewell and thanks for the likes, the comments and any other opportunities you’ve given me.

It is with a wistful backward glance I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!


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