I’m still stuck out here in the sandpit. But not for much longer! I fly home on Saturday and I can honestly say I cannot wait. Missing Dr P, a nasty virus and the admin hell I’ve been through trying to leave here, have left me tired, deflated, unsettled and mildly unhinged.


I want to to come back to the UK because it is home. Because it has history. Because more and more in the past few years we have come to value the things that went before. Traditions and crafts that our grandparents would have engaged in like knitting, sewing and making things out of other, knackered, things! I really value all ethic. I think it is good and real and wholesome and a stark contrast to the ‘Throw-it-away-and-buy-a-new-one’ culture out here.

I’m setting up home with Dr P and I am so looking forward to scouring car boot sales for the perfect vintage jug, or the perfect lamp stand. I want to make my own lampshades – there are like a bazillion tutorials out there, how hard can it be? I’m longing for two key items in my eventual home – a vintage record player and an upright piano. I own the piano, but it’s in Wales so it will be a journey in itself to reunite me with it but it’ll be worth it. As for the record player, I’ll have to do some research. I have a handful of vinyl I rescued from my Dad’s house and I look forward to listening to it in a new space. 


All of this could take some time. I’ll be in Dr P’s new build flat for the first few months and we’ll see what happens from there. But I’m excited and I’m moving in the right direction and that, I find, is always a good start.

It is with an excited flutter I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it…

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