My sister invited Paul and I to go to a  Pumpkin Fair this weekend. Before we left I made hotdogs for everyone and then we ate ginger cookies and chocolate pumpkins, these went down particularly well with Ezra, her partner’s little boy.



It took us ages to get to the festival as there were lots of queues. It was very busy inside too and there was a rather disappointing show of Pumpkins. I was hoping for lots of varieties and sizes but it was not to be…


Ez found the local police and tried on their riot gear!


 We also saw a display of prize wining pumpkins which were pretty impressive to be fair!


I did buy a couple of pumpkins as it’s our harvest festival at school this week. I’m not sure it’s an event we’ll attend again but we enjoyed lunch with Jess, Isaac and Ezra.

It is with a longing for a large pumpkin display I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

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