There were many things I was looking forward to having when we moved into our new home just over a year ago. Top of the list was being reunited with my piano and getting a record player!

I grew up in a house with a record player. My Dad was a vinyl enthusiast and he loved valve hifi equipment too. The living housed his record player, large speakers and various other bits of kit. I still remember flicking through boxes of records, their dusty smell and the fact that long before I could read, I could recognise my favourite tracks by the colour and design of their sleeves!


When choosing my own record player, what I really had my eye on was one of these gorgeous 1960s Dansette models. The kitsch value is unbelievable isn’t it? And the styling and colours are just so great. There is someone in my vicinity that refurbishes them. He really does give them a very thorough overhaul, fixing the innards, replacing broken components and replacing cosmetic details too if necessary. I watched his hard work come up for sale on eBay and then watched the bidding soar into the many hundreds each time. Sadly, it was just not an amount of money I could justify spending.


I happened to mention that I wanted a record player when we were staying with my husbands family last Christmas and his mum mentioned she had a record player that had been in a cupboard for the last 20 years! She was on the point of taking it to the charity shop and offered it to me instead. I of course accepted much to the dismay of the Dr (my husband) and it was bundled into the boot of our car to the make the journey home with us.


Surprisingly, when we got it home and connected the amp, speakers and record player – it worked! The effects of 20 years in a cupboard hadn’t been too detrimental, and it was quite a novelty to try to remind myself how to choose the correct speed and lower the needle onto the grooves of the disc.


It has been used – it has been the accompaniment to meals and a barbecue already this summer and it will be used for many more events to come. I now have a new hobby – buying vinyl!

It is with a yearning for an extensive vinyl collection I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

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  1. Ha i revently bought a couple of records,but have yet to own a record player! I saw a dansette one (blue too) in the window of a vintage shop in Clitheroe,but it was about £180.Is that the going price? X

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