We spent Christmas with the Dr’s family in Lancashire and while we there I was lucky enough to be given lots of vintage treasures by his Mum. I think she is glad of the space in her house and bemused by my interest in things she has had in her cupboards for years.

imageI will share all the goodies with you over time I’m sure but this is the one that intrigued me. This beautiful box of bone handled kniveswere given to us… But! We had to hand over a penny before we could have them. It’s a tradition apparently, and if you don’t exchange money for knives you’ll fall out! The knife will sever the friendship. I love old traditions and customs and I’d never heard of this!

I wondered if this was a Northern thing, but my Mum says she’s heard of it. I know if you give someone a wallet or purse you must put a coin in it. Something about it meaning they’ll always have money? What superstitions do you observe in your neck of the woods? I feel another blog post coming on, this is rather fascinating…

It is with an urge to research I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it!

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