I have been so jealous these last few years as I have diligently followed all the various Vintage Fair purveyors on Facebook. Watching them make visits to places I used to reside, seaside towns I love and knowing I could not be there because I was stuck out in the desert. Imagine my delight to find that Lou Lou’s were holding a fair right here in Southampton and my glee at being given free entry by lovely Jess ( http://www.ladyofvintage.com/ ) if I reviewed it on my blog.

I decided to use it as an opportunity to dress up – well why not? There’s not often an occasion for victory rolls in day to day life, more’s the pity. Saturday morning found me swearing into my curby grips as my hair refused to do what I wanted despite being 2 days without a wash, doused in hairspray and recently dyed. I managed to avoid getting cross with Dr P (He was in any case, innocent) as I sweated and made myself late to meet Mrs JMP ( http://www.mrsjmp@wordpress.com ) and her lovely friend Jess (different one!).

The fair was held in the Guildhall, which is a large venue and felt spacious, giving room for the stalls and visitors even when it got busy. The first stall I spied was Rescue and Revive (https://www.facebook.com/RescueandRevive?ref=ts&fref=ts ). Mrs JMP had already purchased from them when I arrived. I have made several orders from their Folksy shop recently and love their hand stamped vintage spoons  – such a lovely gift, I chose a spoon for everyones stocking last year and there were oohs and aahs of delight all round on Christmas morning!


There were of course, lots of clothing retailers and if you were in the market for a new item for your vintage wardrobe you wouldn’t have been disappointed.


Fake furs seem to be in this season – I’ve noticed lots of high street shops stocking them too. I do like the look I think and I’m working up to purchasing something small – maybe a little shrug? – to wear to a wedding this winter.


A new discovery we made was Curlie’s Vintage. I think all three of us made a purchase from here – some gorgeous little earrings, hair slides and other pretties, most of them very reasonably priced at a pound – at that price it seemed rude not to!


It was soon time to stop for tea and cake, all provided by a lovely lady called Lauren. I didn’t catch the name of her cake providing company but I did fall in love with her Vegan ginger and cola cake. Jess and Mrs JMP gave the lemon polenta and carrot cake rave reviews too. There are few things in life I enjoy more than really good cake, so I was particularly pleased with this part of the experience!


As we dug into our cake we were entertained by Jules and Cassie  – better known as The Diamonds ( www.vintageduo.com ). These polka-dotted lovelies entertained us with songs from the 40s and 50s and really added to the ambience. Mrs JMP and I did have a little sing along to ‘Sisters’ by the Andrews Sisters – the old ones are the best!


I have to include the photo of this cutie who was getting into the spirit of the event and trying on all the vintage millinery she could lay her hands on – good girl!


On the way out we paused to take a few photos in the square and found this lovely Buick waiting for us. It is moments like this I realise I am serially terrible at posing for photos!



All in all, we had a lovely couple of hours here – it was Jess and Mrs JMP’s first vintage fair and they both made purchases and were excited by the possibility of vintage clothes. Job well done Lou Lou’s – we’ll be back…

It is with a hand on my hip I say:

It’s only vintage but I like it…

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